I’m on the fence about this one. Love the idea of having some time of just the two of you right before you get married, without any of your guests around. You can really embrace the moment and also each other, which I’m sure calms the nerves a bit for the actual ceremony.

Photo by: Duke Moose

On the other hand, I love the idea of the grand entrance and having you see each other for the first time as you are walking down the aisle. That moment of excitement that you are getting married in front of your closest family and friends. The emotions is what makes me nervous about going this route, as I’m not only a crier but a not-so-pretty one, lol. Although I do feel the real, raw emotions are what make it special. Plus sharing the experience with your guests is pretty amazing, so we all can ugly cry together.

What are your thoughts – the first look or the grand entrance? 🤔💕

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